stylish-women-office-worthy-outfits-for-winter-2014-2015-10Mondays are probably the best and worst of times for many working class people. If you wake up in the morning and start singing in joy because it’s Monday, and have an extra hour before work to try on different outfits with a smile on your face, and manage to pick a colorful posh combo for your day at the office, then stop reading right there because this post is not for you. However, if most if not all the days of the week you wake up frazzled, running late and buried in a pile of clothes in your underwear thinking how you do not have anything to wear, then this post is for you. Whether it’s during a business engagement or just an ordinary work week, this article will help you with ideas to look your best self and jumpstart your day feeling frazzle-free.

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What girl doesn’t enjoy reading a good chick lit book? After a long tiring day at the office, we all love reading about a certain protagonist strutting around in her six-inch stilettos dealing with the challenges of love, life, and heartbreaks. The more we read, the more we hunger for such drama in our lives and even end up finding some part of ourselves in her. If you are dying to read one of these books, here is a list of those rated among the most popular.

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When it comes to decorations, furnishings and home accents, everyone looks for special pieces that reflect their personality. From the selection of wall art, candles, and rugs, everyone hopes to give their home a special glow from ceiling to floor. Chic home-décor accents are timeless and never become old fashioned. The best thing about the shabby chic type of décor it can easily be achieved even when you are working on a very tight budget. Perfecting your chic style can be quite a daunting task, but not anymore. Take a look at these chic accents, accessories and vignette ideas to help you achieve the perfect chic home-décor accent for you

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