What girl doesn’t enjoy reading a good chick lit book? After a long tiring day at the office, we all love reading about a certain protagonist strutting around in her six-inch stilettos dealing with the challenges of love, life, and heartbreaks. The more we read, the more we hunger for such drama in our lives and even end up finding some part of ourselves in her. If you are dying to read one of these books, here is a list of those rated among the most popular.

  1. Killing Monica- Candace Bushnell

The world is forever grateful to Candace Bushnell for bringing and Sex & the City. Her new novel, Killing Monica, is another thing another thing to add to that list. The book is about a once loaded superstar author, Heroine PJ Wallis, who gets hit by hard times and decided to murder the character that ‘made’ her. Pretty trashy premise right? Bushnell is so great with details- Private jets, Page Six gossip, private jets- as well as constant predatory sexiness that is easy to get lost in, giving very few cares to what’s going on. This read is just good news all around.

  1. Lace- Shirley Conran

Apart from having one of the most iconic lines in movie history (Which one of you bitches is my mother?), Conran has opened us up to a new world of sexy, dirty, ballsy, female fiction. The book’s plot is all finishing schools, mystery parents, and inappropriate dalliances, but the tone is of pure defiance. Men are to be played with not ensnared, work is there to provide a sense of satisfaction and not just to provide cash, and rules are there not to be followed, but broken. There is much in the book about fabulous underwear as there is about the right for women to work. This issue sure does Conrad proud.

  1. Nothing But Trouble- Matt Cain

After years of being in the TV and entertainment industry before venturing into writing, Matt Cain has had an insight of what goes on behind the scenes, and he uses that in his books. This (Nothing But Trouble) is about a south London singing superstar whose life is falling apart, a manager who is at a constant battle with his inner demons, and a cast of credible fans, journalists, and bad boys. This book is heaven.

  1. Me Before You- Jojo Moyes

This romantic women’s read is about the love story between a charismatic quadriplegic in his twenties and a cautious, unconfident young woman, who tries to convince him that there is still value in his life. It takes in identity, parental relationships, assault, euthanasia, the ghastly life of middle-aged triathletes, and of course finding true love. No one would sneer at women’s fiction after reading this book. A movie is already out, and a sequel is on the way.

  1. Finding Audrey- Sophie Kinsella

A novel about a young adult with anxiety issues may not sound like an appealing dreamy holiday read but never underestimate Sophie Kinsella. She has created a fantastic new heroine for readers in Audrey. Crippled by battling with panic attacks and anxiety, she’s dealing with a mother who believes everything she reads in the Daily Mail and two brothers who don’t understand her inner battles. Later on, of course, she meets a guy. This read works because of Audrey’s chatty and honest voice. As much as she moans about her mom, dwells on boy stuff and confides about her therapy sessions, she manages to remain charming and proactive. This classical piece is all just lovely.

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