When it comes to decorations, furnishings and home accents, everyone looks for special pieces that reflect their personality. From the selection of wall art, candles, and rugs, everyone hopes to give their home a special glow from ceiling to floor. Chic home-décor accents are timeless and never become old fashioned. The best thing about the shabby chic type of décor it can easily be achieved even when you are working on a very tight budget. Perfecting your chic style can be quite a daunting task, but not anymore. Take a look at these chic accents, accessories and vignette ideas to help you achieve the perfect chic home-décor accent for you

  • Vibrant welcome. One of the main benefits of chic home-décor style is that they do not need to invest in high-end decorations or materials to redefine a bland space into one that is characteristic. You can use a small vignette to show your shabby chic personality. Use a stool with a rustic look and place a vibrant plant on top of it. This combo is sure to make your place look perfectly welcoming.


  • Handcrafted collections. Find an area in your home where you can display your favorite vintage accessories. Your mantel or vanity doesn’t have to look like that of a collector. You can create a spread that is simple yet special. You can repurpose your old bottles and glass jars by wrapping them in pieces of vintage pieces of clothing in whatever design you want. You will be amazed at what outstanding retro decorative pieces you can create with basic materials.


  • Dark and delicate. It is easy for many to fall into the trap of assuming shabby chic only consists of bright white, lace and cottages. However, your chic style doesn’t have to be like this. You can decorate a room with sleek black accessories. For instance, you can have a black table with black and white table settings in the dining area. Incorporate the warm greenery of a plant, lit candles, and hang china on the wall to encompass the organic shabbiness.


  • Distress furniture. If you like the look of old furniture, then this is the look for you. Distress pieces of furniture represent one of the many pillars of retro decoration style. If you do not have any old furniture, you can “artificially” age those that you have. All you need is to rub some vinegar on a piece of furniture to turn it into a vintage piece.


These shabby chic delights will help you redefine your home and turn it into the rustic theme of your choice.

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